Signs, signs, everywhere signs (or, Game On!)

Because you know you need to know what the Dating Club 4 Men in Lawrenceville has been up to… an update. They are sharing all those secrets hitherto known only to women. They’ve been exposing “The Game,” bitches! Your days of confusing men is over! Oh, and they’ve been investing in more signs.

You might think that this would be enough information to help any young, socially awkward man in Lawrenceville decide whether this is the place to finally help him talk to that hottie he’s been seein’ around. But just in case he needs more information…

Check it out. This is now a “Judgement Free Zone”, yo! So take your little judgmental ass and go. Homie don’t play that. But we do play The Game. What? You heard me. Game on, baby! And we are playas. Wait, you know what this joint needs? We need another sign!

Wow, indeed! We’re handing out conversation secrets. You’re welcome.

Don’t worry about what to say next. (Tell her about your beer can collection.)

Don’t worry about boring her to death. (Abort on the beer can collection, chief.)

No more awkward silences. (uh… yeah… uh…)

And no longer will your mind shut down! (Good, cause I got me my PT Cruiser parked outside and we could go, like, out sometime if you wouldn’t mind giving me your nu… damn, rebooting again.)

What we need here is another sign, because if you just knew the do’s and don’ts of The Game, you’d be layin’ pipe every weekend like a gangsta! Dang girls with their sneaky lady parts and all their do’s and don’ts and their stupid Game! If I could just learn the rules, then I could roll the dice, move my top hat, collect $200 and win!

That’s the secret, men. Playing games! Learning the do’s and don’ts. And winning. Starting Wednesday, it’s on!

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About carpetbagger

Tom and Jean are just a couple of Chicago transplants in Lawrenceville, a neighborhood of Pittsburgh.

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  1. When they talk about “The Game”, are you sure they don’t mean the Steelers?

  2. Have fun picking up women with exciting conversation. And here I though you picked up women with your arms…

    Also, love how the sign is chained to the building. In case the other, rival school, The Pittsburgh School for Emotionally Needy and Socially Bereft Misfits , tries to steal its ideas.

  3. Do this, don’t do that, Can’t you read the sign?

    Clearly, we can read the sign. I mean, for the love of all that’s good and holy, THEY’RE EVERYWHERE.

    You know, this particular blog made me go up to your neck of the woods just to see it for myself. In a word: AWE.

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