A slave to fashion

Adidas is very offended. According to reports, they are pulling one of their latest shoes, the JR Roundhouse, off the market because there are some fashion-blind, easily-offended do-gooders out there who actually think that they somehow refer to slavery. Where would they ever get such an idea?

They are simply sneakers, people. Get your minds out of the history textbooks. What does a shackle and chain possible have to do with slavery? I think the company press release said it best:

Any suggestion that this is linked to slavery is untruthful.

Well said, Adidas. All the critics are liars!

Hey, all you easily offended PC folks… maybe Adidas was simply making an editorial statement about Kobe’s contract with the Lakers. Did you ever consider that? No, I thought not. Or, maybe there were going for a vintage Lakers/Shaq tie-in: “Shaqles!” Sit down, Don Draper, the Carpetbagger has this one. “Hey kids, wear these shoes and you’ll be able to chain… smoke… your opponent!”

Okay, they can’t all be winners. But seriously, when these babies were first put on the boardroom table in the Adidas executive offices, why would you expect a single person to raise a red flag? Why would you expect one person in that room to say, “Do you really think this is a good idea, especially in urban neighborhoods?” Hell, no. It’s cool looking. Nobody will care. History is stupid.

So, they slapped them right on the Adidas Facebook page with the promo line:

Tighten up your style with the JS Roundhouse Mids, dropping in August. Got a sneaker game so hot you lock your kicks to your ankles?

Yeah, that… makes… sense? And it got 40,000 “likes”! (Suddenly my pitches aren’t looking quite so stupid, are they?)

Now, they have to pull the shoe after Lord knows how much money went in to their design.

Here’s to Adidas… who knows their target audience so well. Here’s to Adidas’ all-white (had to be, right?) design team, who insisted that they have a “quirky” and “lighthearted” style. (Lighthearted… you keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.) Here’s to Adidas… who might have benefited from doing focus groups with actual slaves who could have told them how much of a tripping hazard those chains would be.

Here’s to Adidas. Next up: the Mafia-inspired, brass knuckle, high-heeled sneaker!

Don’t be a hater.

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  1. Maybe the designers have just been reading 50 Shades of Grey and they meant these to represent healthy young relationships.

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