Only in America! (and most other industrialized nations)

Here I sit, blogging at 30,000 feet, as our Founding Fathers intended. Prep day went exceptionally well, as I got done probably 90 percent of what I needed to. I was curious how many people could possibly be wanting to fly direct from Pittsburgh to Phoenix at 8:30 am on the 4th of July, a Wednesday, no less. That takes out almost all business travel. Most vacationers (going to Phoenix in July?) would have taken the entire week. Who’s left? Turns out a Southwest flight full of people, that’s who. Oh well. I’m sure the 5 hours will just fly by. Ha!

Two kids in front of me are watching a movie on a humongous laptop, and complaining. When I was their age, i spent the entire flight kicking the back of the seat in front of me. And we liked it! We were flying on an airplane, for Pete’s sake. It was a frickin’ miracle. I felt like Alan Shepherd. But then, I’m old. Old enough to remember inflight meals with silverware and ash trays built into armrests. And we liked it!

A Happy 4th to you all. Gonna make this short because I’m already getting some kind of repetitive motion injury from finger typing on the iPad. Plus, Cassie just made a move in Words With Friends and I must crush her.

As Patrick Henry would have said, “Give me liberty to blog on a plane, or give me death, n’at.”

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  1. I remember when my family’s dinner silverware was made up entirely of airline utensils… All different airlines. Naturally, we kids all fought over the Braniff silverware. They had thick, black handles. The United stuff was flimsy.

    I can’t say things have gotten much better. My entire silverware set right now came from the Cleveland Marriott, circa 1983, courtesy of my dad.

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