It’s just different here

Adjusting to a very different lifestyle here. During summers in Phoenix, everyone stays inside and for any activity that takes you outside, you must make preparations for the weather. Think February up North. Most cafes and restaurants have this…

Every time I walk up to a store like this, I want to call 9-1-1 to report a fire. No, they are just misters to keep folks cool. Well, cool-er. I wouldn’t say they are terribly efficient. Although the temperature was around 101, there was a slight breeze, which pretty much blew all the mist into the parking lot or onto a tree. At least the tree put that precious water to good use.

Also, Arizona has a long and proud history at thumbing their nose at the federal government. For twenty years, they refused to take part in Medicaid, until finally relenting. Likewise, they said “no” when told to move their clocks every six months. Thus, half the year they are 2 hours behind East Coast Time and the other half of the year (like right now) they are 3 hours back. At first, I liked the idea of never changing the clocks. Then, this week, I discovered what a bummer it is when it gets dark at 8:15 in July. That’s just not right, is it?

On day 2, we went to a Diamondbacks/Dodgers game. The last time I went to a baseball game in Phoenix, the Diamondbacks wore purple and teal uniforms, Chase Field was called the BOB (Bank One Ballpark), and it was the World Series against the Yankees just one month after 9/11. So, it’s been a while. Here’s Chase Field…

My first impression… it looks like a shopping mall. I’m sorry. No disrespect (something you always say before disrespecting someone) but it looks like a slightly nicer Ross Park Mall. It just does.

My second impression… where the hell is everybody? Is this like Shaun of the Dead, where I’ve been so busy visiting my parents that I’ve failed to realize that zombies have invaded? It’s only about an hour before game time and this is the very front of the park.

Not to be all “Pittsburgh is best,” but here is PNC an hour before game time. You make the call…

Okay, this was Opening Day, but still, there are way more people around PNC  an hour before a game, I promise you. And Chase Field was plenty full by game time. Again, this is a byproduct of the different style of life here. You show up and go indoors as quick as feasibly possible.

Since we were an hour early, we ate at the T.G.I. Fridays that looks out on the stadium. Not a big TGIF fan but we did have some green bean french fries with wasabi sauce that I’d go back for. And not a bad view…

The last time I was here, they opened the roof for the game. That grass is real, so they open it most of the time. Then, they close it and fire up the AC. Once it is cool, you can actually open the roof and it stays cool because the hot air above keeps the cool air (which does not rise) in the park. But that was during the World Series… in October… not in July. In July, it’s too damned hot even for that, so the roof stays closed.

I’ve only seen one indoor baseball game before and that was in Milwaukee. Call me an old foggie traditionalist, but baseball was meant to be played outside. Something about this just isn’t right. I think it’s the lighting. It’s different than a night game at PNC. This looks like they are playing in a warehouse. To me, it puts sort of a green tint on everything. Again, things are different here.

I’m not complaining. Out seats were nice.

And this is where my iPhone went dead. So, no more pictures. I’m having trouble finding the right times to charge up all my stuff while on vaca, and the phone was neglected. I felt bad because while my Pirates are on a tear (and would win again this night to pull out to a two-game lead in the division), the D-backs were on a six-game losing steak that would become seven on this night. I was rooting for them. I’ve got no love for the Dodgers, despite having lived there one year. Go D-backs! I hope they meet the Pirates for the NL championship. After tonight, however, I wouldn’t put money on that happening.

So, as my body is still trying to decide if it is on East Coast time or Mountain Time or Pacific Time, I’ll close out this post. I’ll enjoy a nice scotch on the back patio in the evening heat wishing my coyote friends to come back an visit me.

No, Dorothy. We’re definitely not in Kansas any more.

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Tom and Jean are just a couple of Chicago transplants in Lawrenceville, a neighborhood of Pittsburgh.

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  1. The BOB (which it will always be to me) still seems nicer than Tropicana Field in Tampa, which reminds me of playing a baseball game inside the warehouse from the end of Raiders of the Lost Ark.

    • It is WAY better than any other dome I’ve been to. I’ve been in the Georgia Dome, Metrodome, and the decrepid grandfather, the Astrodome. This is even better than Miller Park in Milwaukee. Still, baseball indoors just has a dark, greenish hue over everything. But they have to do it to play in places like Miami, Tampa, Houston, and Phoenix. Probably Toronto, too.

  2. Agreed about the ‘playing outside’ thing. But there’ve been enough April nights at PNC and Three Rivers over the years where multiple layers still didn’t do the trick where I’d have dreamed of a roof.

  3. Prior to this recent Pirates game, the only other professional baseball game I had ever been to was there and the Diamondbacks were in purple and teal.

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