Dogs, a tramp, and a dark knight

It’s a big weekend here at the Carpetbaggers.

Dogs, dogs, and more dogs

We’ve got dogs, dogs, and more dogs up in here! Back in the day, there was a band called 3 Dog Night, named after how they measure cold nights in the arctic. Well, we’re having a 4 Dog Night, and it’s not cold whatsoever.

Look at that laser-like focus. But no food for them. Belle’s three cousins belong to Mrs. Carpetbagger’s sister and they are in town for agility dog competition. They are athletes in training. No blueberry scones for them! Belle, on the other hand, is training for nothing and will be lying around the house all weekend, so she thinks she is scone-worthy.

Friday night with the tramp

I love living in the city because of things like this. They are screening two Charlie Chaplin silent movies that will be accompanied by an original composition performed by an outstanding flute and accordion duo. It will be happening just off of 39th Street, under the 40th Street Bridge. It’s gravel down there, so bring a chair! Not sure if it’s covered or not.

WHEN: Friday evening, July 20th / 8 PM to 10:30 PM
WHERE: The Arsenal Courtyard off of 39th Street just above the railroad tracks.
COST: $10 per adult. Kids under 15 get in free.
Make reservations by calling 412-681-3418. You can also pay at the event.

The Dark Knight Dances

Adam West — still my favorite Batman. My favorite part of this loop is the extra in back who was told to just stand there and polish that glass.

I’m hoping to catch the caped crusader at some point this week. Like most Burghers, I’m going to see our own city as Gotham. Last summer, I remember the cast and crew camped out behind our house for a week. In the heat of the summer, they filled 41st with snow and created several explosions. In the movie, I guess it is the judge’s house.

Here’s as close as we could get. But you can see the judge’s house up the street. Click on the pic to enlarge it and you can see a ladder reaching to the upper window. They removed the glass that week so that cameras on cranes could film and move through them. I think the house is still empty to this day.

Director Christopher Nolan (blue shirt) calls it a day after the explosions. I was hoping to ask him what the hell was up with Inception, but I didn’t get the chance.

Belle the Dog was unimpressed by the entire spectacle and decided to mark her territory on a Gotham cab. She could show Batman a thing or two about what to do with a cat — man or woman.

And the Batwing did some property damage downtown. Have we billed them for breaking our street lights? Who do we see about that?

It’s sort of like we went on a vacation together last summer and we just found a roll of film we forgot to develop. So, if the lines aren’t too long and I don’t have to sit in the very front row, I hope to see how our film came out.


**UPDATE: Obviously, I wrote this post late Thursday evening and published it early on Friday morning. Then, on my way to work, I heard the tragic news out of Colorado about the mass shooting at the Dark Knight. It occurred to me that perhaps this post would seem a bit callous in light of the tragedy. There will be plenty of time in the days to come for discussions on motives and reasons and how someone this mentally unstable could get four guns. But today, our sincere thoughts and prayers are with the wounded and with all the friends and family of those who were excited to go to a movie on Thursday night but never came home.

Remember when we went to movies to escape from reality?

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Tom and Jean are just a couple of Chicago transplants in Lawrenceville, a neighborhood of Pittsburgh.

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  1. I want to go back to Gotham City and get in the very center of the dog pile. Mind if I bring my two along?

  2. I’m hoping to see Dark Knight this weekend… most likely Sunday afternoon.

  3. Love that dog pic (I just typed god first). Do they always hang out so close together? I hope they weren’t snubbing Belle! :-)

    • The three dogs are always together. Belle is not that socialized around other dogs so we encourage her to keep a healthy distance. She has horrible leash aggression with other dogs when on a walk. But off leash, she lets bygones be bygones for the most part.

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