Cool stuff

Cool stuff. Cool people. I haz dem.

Who’s cooler than Natalia Partyka, the Polish table tennis player who was eliminated from Olympic competition yesterday, but made it to the top 32 players in the world despite being born without a hand and forearm. And what can’t you do?

Although I’m nowhere near ready for football yet, I love all things Brett Keisel and Da Beard. It’s our own ZZ Top in pads. Plus, the ladies dig the facial hair. Release the Kraken!

And how is Ben Roethlisberger looking more and more like Will Ferrell every single day? The Steelers have got to bring out Ferrell some day and have him do a commercial in Ben’s uniform. How great would that be?

THIS IS NOT COOL. This is a horrible terrible idea. Erasers in the shape of guns? They know that the only place erasers are used anymore is in school, right? Oh, if you don’t like these, they have some in the shape of hand-grenades.

The same Website also has these, and I kind of like them. They work just like hot air balloons and will float around your backyard, pool, party, wherever. My only question… won’t they just float away? I feel like I’d be chasing these things all over the neighborhood. They have to end up on the roof, right? Has anybody used them?

How have these shoes not made it to the WNBA? They probably suck when it comes to performance and quality, but come on, how cool would that be? If only Dennis Rodman were still around, they could have made it in the NBA.

Ladies and gentlemen, the mix-tape coffee table. I have to have this. It took Jeff Skierka five years to make it. My only problem would be that I don’t have a room that is cool enough to be worthy of it. The table is topped with plexiglass and completely reversible (side A and side B).

The good news is that they will be putting this into production soon. Both plywood and handmade hardwood versions will be available.

But, perhaps the coolest thing this week is this:

Today, August 1, a new provision of Obamacare goes into effect, giving insured women access to eight kinds of preventative healthcare and services without fee or co-pay. At a press conference yesterday, Iowa Senator Tom Harkin gave the heartfelt testimony of his two sisters, who both died of breast cancer within a couple years of each other, leaving behind young families. They were rather poor and lived in rural areas. Getting screenings would have cost money they didn’t have. By the time it was discovered, neither had a chance of treatment. I saw it on the news but can’t find it on YouTube. It was a rare instance of hearing from the heart of a politician with no talking points or B. S. This is a great day for women. Mrs. Bagger recently had several screenings done and had to pay an obscene amount, despite being covered. We can afford it, but I can’t imagine how a low-income woman could afford the hundreds of dollars we had to pay.

This is a great day for those of us who lost women in our lives to cancer. It’s a great day for women who have survived cancer and live in fear of its return, or of its appearance in the lives of family members. It actually won’t go into effect for you until the annual renewal date of your coverage plan. But in the next year, it will go into effect for all insured women.

Pretty cool stuff. Now we just have to get health coverage for all the uninsured.

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  1. The gun erasers: *FACEPALM* Christ on a cracker.

    I don’t really think it’s sunk in, the way the healthcare law is going to change things for the better. The Republicans did a SUPER job of scaring the bejesus out of everyone. I am going to keep an eye on premiums and the like because that’s just not something you can foresee. Will healthcare companies be dicks and start charging higher prices still? That’s the only question I still have, and I LOVE the law.

  2. The Republicans shouldn’t have any trouble coming up with reasons why Items 1-8 should be overturned.

    1. Well Woman visits… If she stays home and in the kitchen, she’s less likely to get sick. Next…

    2. Screening for gestational diabetes… If positive result is found, it might cause a woman to get an abortion. Next…

    3. HPV testing: If you stay a virgin until marriage and then don’t stray, you’re less likely to get infected. Therefore, only sluts need HPV testing. Next…

    4. Counseling for STDs… Only sluts need STD counseling Next…

    5. HIV screening… Sluts! Next…

    6. Contraception… Fertile Sluts! Next…

    7. Breastfeeding support… encourages women to bare their breasts in public. Sinful! Sluts! Next…

    8. Screening for domestic violence… but sometimes she needs a good crack, to straighten her out. White guys shouldn’t be put in jail for straightening out a slut…

    Geez, I hope Rush Limbaugh doesn’t read your blog, or this will be on the air by tomorrow…


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