Righting a baseball wrong

Ug. I caught the creeping crud or something today and stayed home from work. No sinus action. Just a throat gland on fire and and earache. Now, the throat is better but the body aches have begun. Fun stuff for a rainy weekend. But I am so excited at the anticipation of temps in the 60s. I really should live in Seattle.

This is also the weekend that my ex comes back to town. Yes, we spent a good thirty-some years together but in the end, it was a loveless marriage that was only held together for the kids. Today, I’ve moved on. I’m in a good relationship. Sure, I went younger with my next relationship. What can I say? I’ve got game. But tonight, my ex came in looking smoking hot and really put my new beloved to shame.

That’s okay. My new love is looking much hotter overall. It was just one night. All I know is that Cubs season ticket holders aren’t getting emails like this…

And though the playoffs are still a perilous possibility for the Pirates, it doesn’t stop the team from grabbing that playoff money with a Monday deadline. If they don’t make it to the postseason, you can get your money back, but most people will probably just apply it to next year’s tickets. That way, the Pirates get it in their account now.

I also came across an interesting story regarding the Cubs that occurred just before I left Chicago, In July of 2005, the Cubs called up a young outfielder named Adam Greenberg. And I mean young. This kid hadn’t even made it to Triple-A ball yet. But for whatever reason, probably an injury, he was called up to the big league club and his lifelong dream was being fulfilled. Look at him. Such a nice Jewish boy. He coulda been a doctor.

His major league career was very brief. He registered a plate appearance but not an official at bat. He didn’t even get to watch a pitch go by. Instead, that first major league pitch, a 92-mile-per-hour fastball, hit him in the back of the head and just like that, his major league career was over.

I remember that happening. But I guess I never knew that it ended the kid’s career. I just figured he was out for a while and returned to the minors. I had no idea that was it. Oh, he tried to come back. He kicked around the minor leagues with different teams but vertigo and concussion symptoms limited his effectiveness.

Now, a film maker is trying to get Adam one at bat. It doesn’t seem like it should be that hard. Baseball owes him something. But now, at 31 years old, no team is opening their clubhouse doors. Here’s the short video.

I signed the petition. Why not? It’s right here if you want to sign it. If the Cubs continue to refuse him, what would it hurt the Pirates to give him a shot? Some team needs to step up and make this happen. Otherwise, his Baseball Reference page will just have that one plate appearance with no at bats. And that just doesn’t seem right.

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